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You work hard at saving lives .

We know your worth, and we want you to get all that you deserve!
Matching registered nurses and nurse aesthetists just like you, with an awesome travel/locum tenen job, a full time job or a contract job is what we do best. Our goal is for you to Maximize Your Potential.

Just so you know..

You are a Nurse, a CRNA, a Healthcare Warrior,
you safeguard people’s health, you are IMPORTANT!!

Now more than ever the world needs you. It’s YOUR super nursing powers, knowledge and heart that truly make a difference, and WHERE you make that difference should be just as important to you. Here, we make sure the difference you make is handsomely rewarded!

We have all of the best jobs you may fall in love with! Tell us what you need, tell us your area of expertise and we will get you the exact match! You can also give us a call at 203-621-1120 we want to hear from you!

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We Specialize In Placing Specific RN Warriors
Like You in the Niche Specialities .

Our Specialities .

  • Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA)
  • Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurses
  • Emergency Room registered Nurse
  • Telemetry / Progressive Care Unit Registered Nurses
  • Med Surg Registered Nurses

But don’t sleep on us, we’re so good,
our clients often ask for other expertise .

We can get you placed in these roles, pretty quickly once we identify a match, and you know, we will!

Other Specialties .

  • Operating Room Registered Nurses
  • PACU Registered Nurses
  • OB/GYN Labor & Delivery Registered Nurses
  • ElectroPhysiology (EP) Registered Nurses
  • Interventional Radiology (IR) Registered Nurses
  • Cath Lab Registered Nurses
  • Gastrointestinal Procedures (GI) Registered Nurses – RN
  • Private Doctor’s Office Registered Nurses – RN
  • Psychiatric & Behavioral health Registered Nurses
  • Correctional Facilities Registered Nurses
  • Rehabilitation Registered Nurses
  • Nursing Home/Home Care hire

If you’re a passionate Registered Nurse, and ready to share your
superpowers in one of the above areas (or any other area) .

We can get you placed in these roles, pretty quickly once we identify a match, and you know, we will!

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We Have Flexible Working Options.

So that YOU can take control of your schedule!

“Oh the things you can find, if you don’t stay behind!” ` Dr. Seuss
Don’t be left behind, get hold of these exciting nursing or advanced nursing career paths.

Let’s talk about HOW we can partner to pick a favorable path to enhance your career and meet your personal and financial goal.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Locum Tenens .

Embrace all that is possible when you embark on a locum journey with us. You save lives, one patient at a time; That is IMPORTANT!
You studied so HARD! to get where you are. Now you’re providing the best care, we know you give your best every time.

To you every minute and every beat counts when that patient is on that table!

Your undivided attention, the caring nurse in you, your fiery passion of providing high quality and safe anesthesia care, all directed to that one patient, in the moment!

That is value; value to the patient and to the society at large,
SO why not get what you are worth? .

  • You deserve to pay that enormous student loan debt on time or faster!
  • For your hard work you deserve to explore the globe!
  • You deserve the house of your choice and the ability to pay it off faster!
  • You deserve vacation when you want it, you can be your own boss and control your own schedule!
  • With the recognition of your worth, we cherry pick the best jobs for you, because you deserve it and because you’re that important!

This is all possible when you embark on a locum journey with us, click the link below to start your search.
There are other CRNA job options to locum tenens. These include Contract, Contract to hire or Direct hire.
Explore these below.

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The Travel Nurse Option .

Travel nurses, you are crucial in helping to alleviate the critical nurse shortage in hospitals in different states and cities. You will be assigned to different speciality areas to fill in short-term employment gaps. In many cases, you may find yourself staying in a place longer, or permanently because you fit right with the culture. We strive to find you the right place where you will fit comfortably.

From there to here, from here to there, Nurse Heroes like you are everywhere!

We want you to do well! We the founders, being nurses ourselves, understand how nurses can be overwhelmed with high amounts of student loan debt, have a desire to pay off that mortgage, travel the world or pay for sons & daughters’ college so that they do not become slaves to debt ( yes break the cycle!!).

Well, we’re all about breaking the cycle too, and our way of doing that is by helping you secure the best job that does just that!

Contract Work .

We place nurses and nurse anesthetists in contract hire positions with benefits. As a contract hire, you will be employed by Trugo group as a W2, meaning you are eligible for benefits, but you will be providing services for independent healthcare organizations. You will be hired for a predetermined amount of time as you wish, to complete a specific nursing assignment.
A great advantage to contract work is that you get exposed to new work and training opportunities, thus expanding your skill base and affording professional growth. Contract work helps you to expand your network for future job opportunities and widens your experience base on your resume. As a contract work nurse, you are offered the ability to have a change of pace, if you feel bogged down by a full time job.

We choose to offer this service because we understand the importance of benefits especially to those who do not have back up support in benefits from a spouse, or government e.g. from the military, or those not willing to buy individual health plans from the marketplace. Our goal is to eliminate the anxiety of having no insurance in case of major illness, accidents or high risk environment as presented by COVID 19. In addition, your benefits can move with you through different jobs, employers or states; How cool is that!!
Trugo group seeks to lessen the hassle and painful process of credentialing, by managing the process for you. This makes it easier to move from one job to another, you don’t have to search for any documents, we got them, we got you! All you have to do is pass on all