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What We Can Do For You .

Are you looking to find dedicated nurses to meet your most pressing goals, like…

  • have a winning nurse-patient ratio
  • meeting your budget
  • reducing employee turnover
  • and delivering great patient care
  • reducing preventable errors

Are you particularly looking.

  • for experienced and dedicated nurses who will stay long in a position, at least five years or more?
  • to reduce the problem of new graduate nurses leaving for greener pastures after one or two years of you training them?
  • for nurses who stay within the local area for ease of transport and perhaps longevity?
  • for long term full time nurses in order to cut costs related to travel nurse hires?
  • for travel nurses, because you have critical short term needs for nurses?

We’re Here To Help.

Our job here is to find you quality, reliable, dedicated and put simply, the best nurses on the market (and fast!) so that you can run daily processes smoothly, to meet target goals, and be a step ahead of the expected nurse shortages or any pandemics in the coming years. Allow us to help with the hiring so you can focus your time on planning for excellence.

In short .

  • Tell us what you need in terms of nurses and how many?)
  • Tell us which expertise area you have needs (CRNAs,ICU, OR, PACU, Telemetry, Medical-surgical, procedure rooms etc?)
  • Tell us when you need them (now, in a few weeks, in a few months, next year?)
  • Tell us how long you need them for (how many hours, days weeks, months, years?)
  • Tell us where you need them (local site, sister locations, satellite locations?)
  • Tell us how you need them (contract, locum, per diem, travel, direct hire, contract to hire?)
  • We are dedicated, and take pride in finding, screening and credentialing the best nurses out there (we do all of the hard work for you).
  • After thorough vetting, we submit the nurses’ resume for your review
  • You tell us if the nurse is a GO!
  • And it’s a hire!

It’s that simple, easy and fast when working with us, because we always put our best feet forward for you. This unique partnership that we’re creating will add great value to your facility. You can start this process right now by:

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Did You Know?.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 210,400 openings for registered nurses are projected each year, on average, over the next decade. Many of those openings are expected to result from the need to replace nurses who retire, and from the need to replace nurses who transfer to other occupations.

What are you thinking when you see such statistics? .

Do any of these come to mind?

  • What is our nurse turnover ratio?
  • Why do nurses leave?
  • Where is the source of our next hire? (new graduates, nurses looking for a change, travel nurses, international nurses)
  • How do we retain the nurses we have? (from new graduate to ready-to-retire nurses)
  • How do we satisfy both full time and travel nurses so we can maintain a steady workforce and continuity of excellence in care?

Well whatever you’re thinking, we want you to know that we have looked at these issues closely and want to help you maintain a steady workforce. We work with hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, free standing out-patient surgery centers and other healthcare organizations to achieve this goal. We excitingly and diligently work closely with Nurse Managers, Director of Nursing and other healthcare leaders to:
Trugo group seeks to lessen the hassle and painful process of credentialing, by managing the process for you. This makes it easier to move from one job to another, you don’t have to search for any documents, we got them, we got you! All you have to do is pass on all those new recurring certifications like ACLS, BLS, PALS, fill out a few forms and update your resume.