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About Us .

Trugo Group is a healthcare niche’ recruitment and staffing agency with a strong focus on matching amazing nurses with awesome facilities. Our duty is to make sure employers have adequate staff to fulfil their goals, and for nurses to maximize their full potential in order to meet personal and career goals.

“We are about finding and building relationships with registered nurses and nurse anesthetists and all of the organizations that need them! Our passion is to find both parties – the right match!” Because right matches yield maximum rewards!
Mary Hove, CEO


Our mission is to source and place qualified professionals in positions that yield the best outcome, whilst advancing health and wellbeing. In healthcare, the ultimate goal is to eliminate healthcare disparities and improve healthcare outcomes for all. This is achieved by securing and adding more staff to organizations in need, thus ensuring adequate and safe staff ratios while maintaining staff wellbeing and contentment.

Vision .

In all our endeavours, we will work hard to be the niche leader and the agency of choice in providing our clients with highly qualified, diligent and reliable nurses in order to help fulfil their goals. We will work hard to find the best rewarding jobs for nurses to maximize their potential in providing excellent care for patients, thus improving health and quality of life.
We will strive to be:

  • A national leader in consistently providing reliable staffing
  • A recognized leader in solving workplace staff shortages and and inconsistencies in daily staffing
  • A leader in sourcing nursing staff during emergency situations as presented by Covid-19 pandemic
  • A leader in fostering relationships with clients that allow for longevity in the same workplace for most of our staff
  • A leader in finding jobs that enable nurses to maximize effort and potential

Core Values.


  •  I ntent to do Good

  •  N oteworthy

  •  S tewardship
  •  P rofessionalism
  •  I ntegrity

  •  R espect

  •  E xcellence
  • D iligence

  •  I nnovation

  •  N urturing
  •  D ependable
  •  E ducating continuously
  •  E nabling excellence
  •  D iversity