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We’d rather talk about what we can do for you, but here’s a little bit about us…

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About Us .

Trugo Group is a healthcare niche’ recruitment and staffing agency with a strong focus on matching amazing nurses with awesome facilities. Our duty is to make sure employers have adequate staff to fulfil their goals, and for nurses to maximize their full potential in order to meet personal and career goals.

“We are about finding and building relationships with registered nurses and nurse anesthetists and all of the organizations that need them! Our passion is to find both parties – the right match!” Because right matches yield maximum rewards!
Mary Hove, CEO


Our mission is to source and place qualified professionals in positions that yield the best outcome, whilst advancing health and wellbeing. In healthcare, the ultimate goal is to eliminate healthcare disparities and improve healthcare outcomes for all. This is achieved by securing and adding more staff to organizations in need, thus ensuring adequate and safe staff ratios while maintaining staff wellbeing and contentment.

Vision .

In all our endeavours, we will work hard to be the niche leader and the agency of choice in providing our clients with highly qualified, diligent and reliable nurses in order to help fulfil their goals. We will work hard to find the best rewarding jobs for nurses to maximize their potential in providing excellent care for patients, thus improving health and quality of life.
We will strive to be:

  • A national leader in consistently providing reliable staffing
  • A recognized leader in solving workplace staff shortages and and inconsistencies in daily staffing
  • A leader in sourcing nursing staff during emergency situations as presented by Covid-19 pandemic
  • A leader in fostering relationships with clients that allow for longevity in the same workplace for most of our staff
  • A leader in finding jobs that enable nurses to maximize effort and potential

Core Values.


  •  I ntent to do Good

  •  N oteworthy

  •  S tewardship
  •  P rofessionalism
  •  I ntegrity

  •  R espect

  •  E xcellence
  • D iligence

  •  I nnovation

  •  N urturing
  •  D ependable
  •  E ducating continuously
  •  E nabling excellence
  •  D iversity

We source locally and globally!

Why Trugo .

Trugo Group represents raw nursing passion from a registered nurse, a CRNA, a mother of a special needs child, who has lived and experienced the healthcare system as a consumer, and also as a provider. The depth of passion and experience from these contrasting viewpoints enables us to see the urgent need to ensure adequate healthcare for all, while supporting and advocating for the providers, the nurses. Where is the passion derived from?

To answer that, let’s start with a personal story from the CEO…

Hi! I’m Mary Hove, CEO of Trugo Group.
I have a background in Business Administration and Hospitality Management. At the time when my son was born, in 2005, I was in the process of commencing a Masters of Business Administration (MBA). I had to stop pursuing the MBA in order to care for my son, who was born with special needs. He could not survive without an artificial airway (tracheostomy ) and a gastrostomy tube for feeding. One time he spent a month in the PICU. During that time there was a shortage of nurses. Nurses on this PICU unit, often took care of three patients each. The normal nurse-to-patient ratio was, is , and should be one nurse to two patients. The one nurse to three patients ratio posed a serious danger to patients due to inadequate care.

During this hospitalization, I stayed with my son the entire time. I observed the nurses intently and curiously. I then felt a budding passion for nursing develop. I asked questions, and began to learn how to do some of the nursing duties in the hospital. I learned these duties because they were necessary for home care, I could help out by performing them in the hospital e.g. trach care, but most importantly out of a desperately growing and burning passion.

I witnessed the effect of nursing shortages first hand. Medications were late, nurses had no time to bath and change diapers so often and so this duty fell on parents. Nurses were always in a rush and as such many accidents and drug errors happened. I remember one particular time a nurse poured 100ml formulae through a G-tube, in less than 2 minutes, a process that should have taken 30 minutes. Needless to say, my son vomited everything back up, through all orifices. He got too full too fast. The nurse had to hurry and she took chances with the feeding speed. At least no adverse outcomes were witnessed.

Frustration and fatigue were evident on many nurses’s faces. Nurse burnout appeared to be on the increase as more and more nurses called out sick. These situations caused further shortages as nurses quit their jobs, or retire early. Today, the nursing shortage is worse than then, the need is more dire.
The dire nursing shortages, compounded by disease epidemics and global pandemics makes unsafe nurse to patient ratios inevitable. There is a need for a deliberate and aggressive solution. That’s where Trugo Group comes in, to be a part of the solution!

Our goal in participating is to ensure no other patient can receive poor quality care due to nursing shortages. In addition we want to ensure that nurses discharge their duties with passion and a touch of love and heart. Nurses shouldn’t be rushed to perform only clinical skills. They should be enabled and encouraged to give holistic care. Appropriate nurse-patient-ratios enable nurses to give their all, passionately, which in itself is a catalyst for high productivity. High nurse productivity enables organizations to achieve their goals, and patient satisfaction will go through the roof! Just what we intend!

What We Do For Facilities .

We are about relationships. Not just any ol’ relationships, but good long-lasting relationships. Relationships that weather the storm during epidemics, pandemics, nursing shortages!
Our nurses are passionate and they find value in the roles that we bring and the relationships that we build with great facilities like yours and with them too!

Our Nurse Hunting Process

Based on specific requirements, we are constantly and diligently searching for suitable great nurses, day and night every day of the week and all year round, throughout the entire country and around the globe.
Once a nurse’s credentials meet the minimum requirements, we then engage on a rigorous screening process that includes:

  • Interviews: these can be either formal or casual, on-site, off-site, online via Skype, google hangouts or zoom.
  • Candidate go through Trugo Group standardized tests to assess personality traits, problem-solving ability, reasoning, reading ability and comprehension, emotional intelligence etc
  • Background Checks, in which we review, candidates’ criminal record, verify employment history and eligibility, and run credit checks. We also analyse social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to make sure potential employees are likely to represent the company in a professional manner. Drug testing is also done.
  • Evaluate references to ascertain ability to re-hire. We analyze information regarding previous employment, including job performance, experience, responsibilities, workplace conduct and habits

Second: Once we find them, we reach out and start the conversation. We want to learn more about the nurses, what their preferences are and what type of facilities they feel they can bring the most value to. You see, we believe in the true match-making process.

Third: We want to ensure we match you with the right nurse fit. Not just technically, but culturally to ensure that our nurses support your organization’s values, vision and mission. We will ensure that our core values, closely mirror yours and that they are adhered to. It is our goal and our mission to provide you with high reliability, top performance staff that are able to stay longer in one assignment or become committed to work with you on a long term basis. This is because we understand the importance of continuity of care and skills in order to maximize performance.

After negotiations, once the candidate accepts the job offer they are hired. An accepted offer letter begins a process of filling out and filing paperwork related to employment. Forms and paperwork might include: