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We match and place registered nurses, and nurse anesthetists with rewarding
travel/locum or regular job assignments.

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What is our Niche market?

We provide nurses in the following expertise areas

ICU, ED, OR (theatre), L&D, PCU/telemetry, Med-Surg, Oncology, Mental health,
GI, IR, EP procedures, PACU, Pediatrics, and Nurse Anesthesia

How do Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations benefit from us? .

We diligently search for the right candidates and bring them to you. Our goal is to make sure your staffing ratio allows you to meet all the other goals dependent upon the staffing ratio, such as high patient satisfaction scores, high employee engagement scores, zero adverse events, operations results within or exceeding budgets, among others. We strive to get you the best candidates in the market, your satisfaction with our work is valuable, so we will put the best foot forward for you. To learn more on how we can help, please click the link below:

Nurses, We are looking for you!!!

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Your chances of landing a good travel job are better
than ever before.

There are so many open positions and specializations. Demand for nurses is on the rise. According to AACN, The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that there is a need for an additional 203,700 new registered nurses each year through 2026. These nurses are needed to fill newly created positions and to replace retiring nurses.

Travel Nursing can benefit both the healthcare employer and the nurses

But… WHY travel nursing? .

What’s in it for the Nurse?
Travel nursing can be of great benefit to you!

  • You can pay off your student loan debt, if you put your heart into it!
  • You can sure put a dent into that mortgage if you gather the guts!
  • You can be your own boss, make your own self-directed schedule that allows you to travel the world when you want, allows you summers off for personal time or with kids out of school
  • You can be your own boss, make your own self-directed schedule that allows you to travel the world when you want, allows you summers off for personal time or with kids out of school
  • Adventure close or far away from home, while you work! Combine work with some travel fun, such as city fun adventures and much more! Travel jobs allow you to explore your adventurous side while earning!!
  • Fun city adventures during and after work…


New York City is AMAZING! There is so much to do for everyone, some new things not seen in other places will surprise you, the broadway theater shows, the food diversity, the cultural diversity, Time square at night, those nightly tour buses, Central park horse rides, boat cruise to the statue of Liberty, the Empire State building, the museums, 9/11 memorial and so much more…Just can’t get enough of it!!

….or hiking during the weekend! Coastal Maine with her Acadia National park, the Schoodic point, please travel and work it is the ultimate best living!!

….or Skiing (new winter adventure or hobby) New Hampshire and her white mountains, Need I say more……

Nurses, are you getting burnt out? Wait, don’t change careers yet.

Let’s talk and see where else you can take your nursing career , or rather where it can take you!

  • Are you bogged down by staff meetings and the office melodrama?
  • Do you want a change of pace?
  • Do you want more time at home for personal use and travelling?
  • Do you want 6-8 weeks vacation now instead of waiting for your seniority turn?

Other than full time, there are other forms of nursing work that allow you the freedom to make your own schedule, do what you love, like working with children, while getting paid more on travel assignments…

…..or the fast-paced, adrenaline releasing Emergency Department, with all and every type of experience you can dream of gaining, in different parts of the country with different climate zones!

In nursing, the choices are plenty, pick one, pack your bags and start your journey, What are you waiting for?

  • Locum CRNA
  • Travel Nursing
  • Contract Work (Trugo Group W2)
  • Contract to Hire
  • Direct Hire ( Hospital W2)
  • Hourly Sourcing/Per Diem/Shift work
  • International Candidates/Global Sourcing
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International Registered Nurses

Trugo Group welcomes you to Nursing in the U.S.!

This rewarding nursing career, in this global village, allows you to touch souls, and touch hearts while experiencing new, diverse and an exciting culture in the USA. In this great experiment, the USA, the experiment born of the idea that all people are created equal and deserve the freedom to justice and happiness. It is truly a rewarding adventure to be a part of this melting pot of cultures from all around the world. Step foot in and bust all the myths you have heard by actually experiencing and become amazed by this great nation, whilst serving as a nurse.
Here is to the beginning of a rewarding journey, as the nursing career is about to take you to new places, for career enrichment, personal growth, cultural exchange and exploration.
Our global sourcing departments are powered by experts in international nurse recruitment, including nursing license procurement and the immigration process. We streamline the process for you.